Tuscan Shrimp

Ingredients: Oil 2 tablespoon, Shrimp 1 lb, National Chicken Tikka Masala 1 tablespoon, (cook for 2-3 minutes and keep aside), Oil 2 tablespoon, Fenugreek seeds ½ teaspoon, Chopped onion 1a/2 cup, Curry Leaves 10 each, National Turmeric Powder 1 teaspoon, Tomato Puree 1 cup, National Chicken Tikka Masala 1 tablespoon, National Chili Powder 1 teaspoon, Crushed chili 1 teaspoon, Yellow Bell Peppers ¼ cup, Bell Peppers ¼ cup, (cook for 2 minutes), Heavy Cream 1 ½ cups, (Add cooked shrimp), National Salt to taste, Cilantro 2 tablespoon.

Method: In sauté pan add oil, Add shrimp. Sprinkle 2 tablespoon National Chicken tikka Masala cook. Cook for few minutes and keep aside. In another pan add oil. Add fenugreek, onion and cook till translucent. To this add National Turmeric Powder and cook for 30 sec. Add tomato puree, add 1 tablespoon National Chicken Tikka masala, National Chili Powder, crushed chili, yellow bell peppers, green bell peppers and cook for 2 minutes. Pour cream and cook for few minutes. Add cooked shrimp. Add salt to taste. And cook till thickens. Finish with chopped cilantro.


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