Qeema Patties

Ingredients: Oil 3 tablespoon, Onion chopped 1 cup, National ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon, Minced beef( Qeema) 1 lb, Potatoes Cubed 1 cup, National Tikka Botti Masa 1 pack, Water 1 cup, Puff pastry sheets 1 packet 1, Egg 1.
Method: Pre-heat oven at 400f, In a sauce pan add oil and chopped onion and cook till translucent, Add National Ginger Garlic and cook for 30 sec, Add minced beef, potatoes cubed and National Tikka Botti Masala and stir well, Add water and cook on medium low heat with the lid on for 15-20 minutes. Mash the potatoes, To this add green chili and cilantro, Add oil to hot coal and cover the lid for 5 mins for flavorm Cut puff pastry in squares, Beat the egg in a bowl, Egg wash on edges, Add tablespoon of qeema mixture and fold into triangles, Egg wash the upper surface, Bake at 400 f for 15 min.


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